traveling over the willamette pass

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Jul 4, 2005
Greetings RVers,

We are planning a trip from Portland over to Klamath falls and see several passes to get there, howeve the shortest one looks like from Eugene to Hwy 97. Any suggestions for travel during 1-4 January 06? Am towing a car with my 32ft Class A. Also have a split shifter with "3" extra gears I hope?

thanks, Prairie

Lou Schneider

Site Team
Mar 14, 2005
Oregon 58 is the route the railroad uses to get over the Cascades.  As such there aren't any really hard grades, although you will be going up into snow country.  Before you leave, you can check Oregon road conditions at

Click on any section of the state.  The camera icons show you real-time road pictures, clicking on the blue flags along a route will give the current weather from automated weather stations.  The blue diamonds show any weather advisories when you click on them. 
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