Travelling to Canada with pets

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Jan 30, 2020
When I went to Canada a couple of years ago I had the rabies certificate, a certificate of good health that was less than 30 days old and an unopened bag of food.  Turns out I didn't need any of that, but better safe than sorry.  I'd travelled two states over to get into Canada and was heading to my dad's funeral with his ashes, so I didn't want to get turned around at the border.  As it was, letting them know the purpose of my trip probably made it easier.


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Jul 13, 2022
When traveling across Canada, we were not asked for any documents. However, we still had all the necessary certificates: rabies and vaccines.
We even got a certificate from for our emotional support dog. It took us some time, but we wanted everything to be clean, so there would be no complications with the police or other organizations. Maybe it’s because we traveled by car and didn’t have any excessive contact with anyone else. We stopped mostly in the woods or places where there was no one else but us.
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