Traverse City RV Park recommendation

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Jan 29, 2005
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Had an inquiry regarding RV parks in Traverse City, Mich. I thought others might also be interested so have posted publically.

Since the Traverse Bay RV Resort opened about five years ago this is our preference and is where we will be spending the coming month in Traverse City while visiting Sam's mother.  We have in the past, prior to Traverse Bay Park opening, stayed at the Jellystone park, not very impressive, Holiday park, fair but too many trees, and the Traverse City State Park, no hookups but lots of trees and very tight with narrow roads.  So guess the fact that we have been staying at Traverse Bay Resort when in Traverse City since they opened five years ago kinda makes our recommendation.  More expensive but very well done.

Their website is  email [email protected]

Hope this helps any visitors to Traverse City, Mich
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