Trip from Toledo, Ohio to Essex Junction, Vermont

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May 12, 2006
Please recommend route between Toledo, Ohio and Essex Junction, Vermont.
If though Canada what problems are there with a 40 ft diesel pusher and toad?
What about bring food into Canada and back into the US?
Any recommendations for RV parks near Montreal?
Thanks, Hersh


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Mar 1, 2005
Goodyear, AZ

Garmin's Mapsource recommends taking I-90 to Buffalo, the NYS Tollway to Albany then I-87 and US 7. Distance about 731 miles and a little over 12 hours driving time. Tolls on the Thruway and I-90 are extra. The recommendation is based on shorter time.

By forcing a Canadian route, you save 50 miles driving and a lot of tolls but it takes about a half hour longer. You also get to drive non-Interstates which I find more scenic and interesting. The Canadian route is I-75 to Detroit, TCH 401 to Cornwall (exit 789), cross back into the US and take US 37 to 122, US 11, US 2 to Essex Junction. Luckily, this route bypasses Montreal which I prefer to avoid.

You will have to go thru customs and immigration both ways, but if you give very short answers and only to the question asked, take your sunglasses off and smile, you shouldn't have a problem. Prohibited foods vary, we had no issues coming thru Calais into Maine last month. Liquor into Canada is limited, IIRC 2 bottles per person. Of course, then you can drive over to NH and stock up at the state liquor store, great pricing.

Ken & Sheila

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Mar 5, 2005
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I've driven from Northern Vermont to Chicago many times. I prefer the Canadian route. Bernie laid out the best route. Do avoid Montreal. the only bad part of this trip was going through Toronto (no bypass). From Toledo you will also have to go through Detroit (we always crossed at Port Huron). I never stopped over night in Canada. From Morrisville (near Stowe) we always made it to a Truckstop in Port Huron.

If you want to go across NY on I 90 you should exit at Fonda (30A north to 29 east)) and cut across to Saratogo and take I87 north to just north of Plattsburg. Take 314 to the ferry and Cross to Grand Isle and rt2 to Burlington, VT

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