Trip to Montana, Wyoming

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Oct 30, 2005
I'm planning a sightseeing trip next late May - June from Calgary through Montana, Black Hills of Dakota, then through Wyoming to Tetons and Yellowstone. On the way back we want to end up in Glacier NP. Now, this is a new territory to me. Would you advise me on the best routes, places to see, weather timing, etc. I wander if early June is too early for Wyoming and its passes.

Alternatively, we could go on the same trip in September, if in your opinion there would be benefits for doing that.

So, again, I'm looking for best timing, and route. It will be a long trip for us and we do not want to miss anything.

Thanks for your advice on this trip.


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Jan 29, 2005
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Travel in Wyoming Montana and South Dakota should be OK in May and June.  However, late snows are possible.  No guarantees.  Beautiful country.  One thing I would recommend is when you in the Yellowstone are do spend some time in Cody Wyo and visit the Buffalo Bill museum there. While there head north out of Cody and go over the Chief Joseph highway to the Beartooth highway and over to Red Lodge Mt have lunch and drive back. DON"T take this route in a RV.  Before going be sure to check on road conditions on this route as sometimes it is late June before the road is open.  When visiting Glacier stay on the West side of the park.

Jim Godward

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Mar 6, 2005
Hillsboro, Oregon
Coming down from Calgary, I would come south to Great Falls. While in Great Falls at least take in the Lewis and Clark interpretive center and the Charlie Russell museum. Then head south east on the direct route to Billings.    It will be 2 lane road for the most part but it is fairly good road.  South of Billings, stop in Hardin to see the battlefield where Custer made the last stand.  Pay particular attention to the Indian side of the story.  Then on through Gillette WY, Coal mines there, and on to the Devils tower.  From there to the Black hills- be sure to see Custer Park.

Then head back to Yellowstone via Cody and the museums there.  Do take Ron's advice about the trip from Cody to Red Lodge MT and back.  Then do Yellowstone and the Tetons.  We do Yellowstone from West Yellowstone leaving the RV in Grizzly RV park and driving into Yellowstone each day.  After Yellowstone you have a choice of routes.  The road to Bozeman, US 191 is quite scenic.  It is a winding slow 2 lane road but the scenery is great. Bozeman has an outstanding museum especially if you have any interest in Dinosaurs.  The curator there is world famous and has just presented some new information about them.

Or leaving West Yellowstone, you can head a little west, I think it is MT 287 past Hebgen lake/dam and on to Quake lake.  This lake was formed in 1959 by an earthquake and killed a number of people in a campground at the site if the dam.  Then on through Ennis to near Whitehall to the Lewis and Clark Caverns or continue to I-90 and go to Three Forks.  This is where the 3 rivers come together to form the Missouri river.  Also this way you will be following part of the Lewis and Clark trail.

Either way take I-090 to Three forks, stop at Wheat Montana for a deli sandwich, Sweet roll etc.  Great bakery.  Then take MT 287 to Helena and take in the state capital and museums there.  Then choose your route to Glacier park, there is no bad way!!  But there are lots of choices.  VBG

Enjoy the trip!!
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