Trouble in paradise? - Flying J/Pilot in trouble with revenoorers

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Makes it sound like maybe the rich owners are in trouble, not the corporation. Probably won't effect the truck stops operation.
The usual reason for that sort of raid is suspected violation of a federal statute by the company, either tax fraud or regulations such as EPA. They want to seize records that might otherwise be destroyed or modified.

It's kind of scary that the feds can pretty much put a major company out of business simply by seizing their offices and sending employees home. It takes a warrant from a federal judge, but the grounds for the warrant are merely that information about a potential crime is at risk, with no consideration given to the impact on the business or the livelihood of employees.
It depends on the scope of the warrant.....if it's broad or to what the impact will be.  It could be as simple as one piece of paper they're looking for, or they could have the authority to shut the whole place down.  I served on a federal grand jury was an enlightening experience. 

""KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT/AP) -- New details are beginning to emerge about Monday's raid at Pilot Flying J's corporate headquarters in Knoxville. On Tuesday, CEO Jimmy Haslam explained to reporters the raid stemmed from a federal investigation into rebates to trucking company customers that were not paid - a charge Haslam disputed.

He also noted the allegations affect an insignificant number of Pilot's customers, adding that support from other trucking companies has been 'outstanding.' "

Read 2 different articles on that yesterday.. Both of them were very short on useful information, one contained a lot of "Fluff" about one of the players in the Pilot/J saga, but still no useful information.

NOTE: This kind of a "Raid" is done fairly common.. In many cases the IRS comes in with US marshalls or what was it they were called on a TV show.. The Fan Belt Inspectors (FBI) and they take all the records, go over 'em with a fine toothed adding machine/calculator, find out the company owes like 20 bucks in taxes (or is owed 20 bucks) return everything and life goes on.

In other cases.. A crime has been comitted.

In my own life, I was ordered to report, with records to the city treasury office... Turns out they had made a mistake.. Balance due was -0-.  The investigator fixed the mistake, thought to check the next year's return as well, found same mistake (I'd used the pre-printed label, mistake and all) and fixed it as well.. We parted friends, the mistake was the city's  but was in nobody's favor. I forget if he franked my parking stub (That kind of lot) or I parked at work and road the bus over to his office.
Cute, now I know what FBI (Fan Belt Inspector) stands for but what is CIA???

It's all speculation at this point but I'm putting money on a home-grown nut case. What's surprising to me is why a nutcase hasn't gone for a NASCAR race, often there are 80,000+ spectators.
The Feds are never wiling to get involved if I don't get a rebate. ::)

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