Trouble with Swaying

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Oct 22, 2006
I own a 2001 Allegro Bay 35 ft on a Ford F-53 chassis with a V-10.? I tow a Jeep Wrangler with all 4 down.? When a tractor/trailer passes or I hit a rut, I am experienceing swaying from side to side, really bad.? I have talked with Tiffin, Ford and Camping World.? Tiffin gave me Ford's phone number for Bilstein shocks, Ford told me to weigh each corner so they could tell me whicch shocks and Camping World said I needed first more leaf springs.? Then come back and they would see if I needed an anti sway bar, says probably not.? But I may need a steering control? bar or maybe Bilstein shocks.? Says I have too much hanging over behind the wheel.? THen when I add a TOAD it makes it worse.? What are these RV's built to do.? How can you drive it when it is all over the road.? HELP!? Need advise as to what to do other than trade it!? Thanks! 8)?


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Jan 29, 2005
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IMHO the first thing to do is get your vehicle weighed to see if you are overweight.  If over weight then fix that condition first.
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