TV Outlet with Cable and Satellite Hook-Up

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Feb 14, 2007
Besides the Flagstaff high wall series, are there any other manufacturer's offering
TV outlets with cable and satellite hook up for folding/tent trailers?


John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
I don't know but if you have a winegard antenna on the roof and you put a winegard tv-outlet (this is for OVER THE AIR only, not sat) you can then put another "outlet" right beside it for sat

Hook up is like this... Antenna to Winegard outlet (Which is also the power supply for the antenna's pre-amp) 12 volts to back side of winegard plate via fuse.

Winegard outlet to sat receiver's "ANTENNA" input

Sat Receiver RF-out to television or to splitter (more in a sec)

Sat dish (Be it rooftop or tripod) via RG-6 cable to Sat Receiver LNB input

Now, if you have two tv's it gets tricky  Winegard makes video switchs (very nice) or you can just use a pair of A/B switches from Radio shack  but if you never want to watch OTA on one and Sat on the other there is an easy way

You make the 2nd plate a dual feed through, RG-59 from the receiver's RF out goes to one fitting which then goes to the common input on a splitter, The outputs of the splitter go to the remote TV (1) and (2) back to the panel, the splitter hides in the wall (No rat's nest of wires) and the other Outlet on the plate goes to the TV

Do not forget to label all jacks
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