TV removal from 2017 Jayco 27RB

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May 4, 2019
HI everyone, I hope everyone is having better weather than we are in Alberta Canada. We bought a new 2017 Jayco 27RB with a center entertainment center. The TV is securely fastened into the recess of the entertainment center and I cannot see behind it. Wondering if there is a way to release it to move it to another area or to extend or pivot it. as I said it is recessed but I can get my hand part way i around the edges but cannot see behind. I am over an hour from the dealer. I was hoping someone may know if there is a release mechanism or some way to remove or release the TV. Thanks in advance.


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Mar 10, 2016
Our tv is on a pullout/swivel held in travel position with a bungee that can be unhooked/hooked by reaching my hand around the edge.  The joints in the pullout/swivel are tight. I had to use a good deal of force to move it. This was not covered in the walk-through and I did not realize this was possible for over a year!  Makes much more sense now considering our floor plan!  We don't use the tv much but was watching with the bungee vertically across the screen. I was a newbie. The site has been great. I check new posts a every day for new, helpful information. Maybe your setup is similar. I did discover this using video with my phone to see the backside.
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