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Sep 7, 2005
While looking for a 5th wheel, we have encountered various methods of hitching!  The norm seems to be the bulky fill the entire bed type hitch.  But I have run across one that only requires a ball in the middle of the truck bed!  This ball will "disappear" when not in use.  I like this method as then I don't have to have my pickup bed filled with a hitch.  I was told that horse trailers use this type of goose-neck.  My question is what are the pros/cons of using this method as opposed to the norm?

Thanks for the replies!

Jerry & Elaine


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Dec 6, 2005
Memphis TN
You can get gooseneck adapters for the 5W, but some mfgs will cancel the warrantee if you hitch that way. Personally, I have the 'fill up the bed' hitch. 4 pins and I can pull it out leaving just the rails where are just a shade higher than my be liner. Personal opinion here - but to me, it seems that by using a gooseneck adapter, you put a lot more stress on the pin box that you would if you use a regular 5W hitch.

Sep 30, 2005
Recently presented with the same situation. We elected to go the "goose neck" with just the disappearing ball in the bed on our "Forest-River" 38ft "work & play" toy box type trailer. GVW for gooseneck is more than adequate. Ride quality in the trailer shouldn't be an issue because you shouldn't be riding in it. No bulk in the bed is sure nice.
Possibly a little more precision in hitching up but then we usually have a lovely wife to blame our inability on......?
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