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We had the most wonderful experience yesterday in Ely, Nevada that I wanted to share with all train buffs.  The Nevada Northern Railway Museum provides train rides and has many engines/cars in the "museum".  This is not a "hands off" type of museum.  We climbed aboard and went into some engines.

The most remarkable was we rented a 1909 Alco steam engine and drove it!!!  You take a test and are given driving instructions.  You have an engineer and fireman on board at all times.  We drove the engine approximately 14 miles.  The total time is about 1-3/4 hr. for training and driving.

The cost is not cheap - $590.00 (total rental not per person) but the experience was priceless.  They do offer regular train rides on either steam or diesel trains and you can upgrade to ride in the cab or caboose.  The engine rental and/or upgrades to cab or caboose should be scheduled ahead of time as there is limited availability.  We lucked out - walked in yesterday morning and they arranged for us to drive the engine at 3:30 p.m. 

Their website is www.nnry.com

We can wholeheartedly recommend this great experience.


John From Detroit

Well-known member
Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
I've had the pleasure of being pulled down main lines by genuine Steam engines,  Alas, main line steamers now belong to another time... But they are grand.  I would love to ride them again, but alas, main line steam service was, at the time I road, only excursion (A special event) and it has been totaly discontinued, Norfolk & Southern has ceased all Steam operations.


Jan 13, 2005
Ian would enjoy this one. He's definitely a train buff.

Jim Dick

Moderator Emeritus
Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
Hi D,

That sure is expensive but it sounds like a lot of fun. I'll put it on my "after we win lotto" list. ;D
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