URGENT! Need a Storage for a 34' RV in Northwest Suburbs of Chicago area

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Jul 17, 2018
Hi guys, anyone aware of a place where we can store our RV year round? We live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago north of O'Hare airport and a close by location is preferable. Could be in or out - price is what matters :). I tried searching for a specific Storage Thread in the forum but could not find one - if there is, please guide me. Any ideas, suggestions and comments are more than welcome. Thank you!


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Aug 24, 2013
NE Illinois
We store ours in Crystal Lake.  Olson's RV Storage & Service.  Call Allen Olson at 815-762-2982 if you're interested, and tell him JP sent you.

We are indoors, with 15A power for around $150 a month.  Very reasonable from what I've seen in the area.  Heck, it was $90-110 for outside in many places I checked. 

Very happy with Allen.  Super nice guy, very responsive and easy to deal with.
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