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Dec 23, 2010
Washington State
If you have traveled US 2 from Washington State through Montana to Cutbank in a motorhome, please tell me how it is to navigate this road in June.  I am driving a 42 foot diesel pusher.  I am paticulatly interested in how easy it is to drive through Glacier National Park.
I have driven route 2 from Washington State to Glacier in a 39 foot DP and it is not a problem. I have not driven through the park on route 2 but it looks easy on the map. What you cannot do is drive through Glacier on the Going to the Sun highway, which is not route 2 anyway.
I have driven it a couple of times from Everett to North Dakota.  Nice drive.  Remote in sections of eastern Montana.  Plan your fuel accordingly.  I don't recall too much traffic through GNP but I imagine it could be.  One work do caution, I got nailed for Int'l calls when my cell phone hit canadian towers on that route. 
Drove Hwy 2 from St. Mary on the eastern side of Glacier Park to the western side of the park with no problem in 38' MH. I believe that there is a 18' limit through the park. I am not sure that I would drive a 18' MH over that rood. Very pretty road, but very winding road.

Many years ago, I drove a 24' class C over that road, "going to the Sun HWY", and I really didn't see the scenery.  Many years later I drove the car and was amazed at what I had missed the first time.  I recommend you take the tour bus the first time and then drive if you must on subsequent trips!  That way all get to enjoy the trip as the driver is either busy or about to have an accident.
It has been a few years since we have driven from Great Falls to the MT/ID border on 2.  Generally good 2 lane road and I know there have been upgrades since.  The Feds are trying to upgrade it to 4 lanes all the way across MT but I am not aware of how or if that is happening.  East of Great Falls is generally rolling prairie and wheat fields for nearly 400 miles and then you get to ND.  :)
Last summer there was some major construction to the East of Poplar. US 2 was turned into a gravel road. It's been a long time since I was up on that road, so I don't know how far along they have gotten.


You and I know there is lots of construction in MT during summer and so it is hard to miss no matter what highway you travel.  They are rebuilding a bridge in downtown Bozeman on I-90.  One lane each way but at least no gravel!

While I am at it, MT 85 between Belgrade, Flying J, and 4 corners junction with US 191 has construction as part of it is up graded to 4 lanes.
I was wondering if you made the trip.  We're in St. Mary, wanting to go to Spokane.  Was hoping we could take our 40'diesel along 2, then drop down to 90 from Evergreen.  anyone tried that.

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