Use velcro to fix squeaky seats, groaning seats in Reyo or Via

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Sep 24, 2009
If your Reyo or Via has noisy swivel seats or squeaking seats, use small pieces
of velcro to silence them.

In a 2013 Reyo, swivel passenger and driver seats must be raised before they can
be turned to face the TV, etc. The seats are raised by putting your foot on a
lever at the base of the seat and at the same time holding an electric switch
that causes the seats to rise or fall. You must hold the button until the seat
motor turns off.

The seat lever is at the rear of the seat. It has two prongs that hold a seat in

That's a metal on metal situation. In our Reyo, the seat moved enough to make a
metal on metal noise.

We spent six hours at TransWest in Longmont, CO, before a couple of technicians
came up with the velcro solution. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out
the source of the irritating noise and fix it.

They put small patches of velcro on the seat fixture that is grabbed by the latch. Both seats needed the fix.

Good job guys.

You reinforced my decision to buy the Itasca Reyo instead of a Winnebago brand
Via from a dealer up the street whose parent company doesn't have such a good
reputation for service. I was ready to demand new seats under the warranty. Now
I won't have to.

This is a cross post from Reyo/Via Yahoo groups.

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