Using Canada as a Land Bridge

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Cant Wait

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Feb 19, 2010
Jamestown, NY
We'll be going from Buffalo NY over to Mich. this summer and are planning to cut thru Canada. I have a passport and the DW has her enhanced NY license. Who as used Canada as a land bridge and any issues just passing thru? I know truckewrs do this all the time due to the shorter/quicker route.
I have a passport and the DW has her enhanced NY license.

We used Canada as a land bridge this last summer going back and forth to Alaska.  Be sure and check to see if the enhanced Drivers license will work.  It's not getting into Canada that is the issue.  The US requires a passport to return.  We've been into Canada and back on several occasions and have passports. 

It's a beautiful drive through that area; but the fuel and campground prices are higher than the States.  Have fun!!!

We have made that trip six or seven times from Detroit and mostly Port Huron to Buffalo and as far east as Quebec City. There is a very nice Provincial Park just east of Toronto if you go that far.

Canadian Customs usually ask if we are staying or leaving anything in Canada and if we are not say " Have a nice trip". We have had the US get into every piece of food we had aboard but no other problems.
We make the Lewiston/Queenston to Sarnia/Port Huron and back trip several times a year using our NY enhanced drivers licenses without any issues. We've only been stopped twice for inspections, both times when entering Canada. The inspections were pretty cursory, and only held us up about 20 minutes. They didn't even ask me to open the storage bays.
We went from Buffalo, NY to Mich. about 5 years ago and did not have any problems. We were stopped at the Buffalo, CA entry point while they went through our whole motorhome. Our grandchildren were with us (We all had our passports). They took us inside while they checked our papers and three people went inside the motorhome and two checked the bays. After about 30 minutes they waved us through. They were very nice. No problem.
We took the northern route. We were hoping to see some wildlife but were disappointed. The roads were very good. We did see a lot of log trucks, etc... but never had a problem. We were spending time with the grandkids so we still had a good time. However, I would not take that route again (You can only look at so many trees). 
Just tell the Customs agents you've got a bunch of predatory bark-beetles with ya cuz you're going to a dead tree convention. And make sure you're carrying a couple loaded handguns with ya fer self-defense (There's grizzlies up there ya know). If they get nasty with ya, make sure you've got some fresh fruit and vegetables in the fridge to calm 'em down (Although most of us cops prefer donuts). Can't wait to hear how this works out for ya.  ;)

NY_DUTCH; thanks wasn't sure if the DW's Enhanced license was good for reentry into NY only or if it was good at all land crossings.
Funny: Was crossing into Canada via Washington State. Just before you got to the border there was a big sign "Last Chance to Get Washington Apples".  When you got to the border there was a sign to stated that apples could not be brought into Canada.  There was an older couple in a Class C sitting at the border with an apple in each hand eating their apples.
Coming out of New Brunswick into Maine I had two steaks taken. I was going to grill them but it had rained for two days and there had been a case of "Mad Cow Disease" in Washington State about two weeks before. I told the border guard that I was a veterinarian and that knew better and that I hoped that he enjoyed my steaks. 
They will check for fire wood when going into Canada and they might check for potatoes specially in eastern Canada.


Cant Wait said:
NY_DUTCH; thanks wasn't sure if the DW's Enhanced license was good for reentry into NY only or if it was good at all land crossings.
Yep, an Enhanced Drivers License is good at all US land and water border crossings, the same as a passport card. Air travel is the only mode where it's not accepted.
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