Utility trailer and old tires?

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May 15, 2020
NorthCentral Florida
Lou is correct (of course) but ... I did not. and only blew one tire. What's more I was towing with about 2,000 pounds of concrete (Broken up) in the trailer and on the freeway. Tires held.
Towing back home EMPTY.. that's when one blew. No damage in fact had someone not shouted I'd not have known.

Once I finished getting rid of the broken concrete the trailer made one last trip.. the the metal recycler.
I shouted at a guy on the freeway who had a blown tire and didn't know it. Again, lucky it was a dual axle. He probably would have made it home unawares. I probably just turned a ride home into a side of the freeway drama - LOL...


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Oct 6, 2017
50 miles south of Atlanta, GA
Story time........... I have a 5x10 lawn service type trailer with 15 inch tires/rims. I bought it used from the original owner. Prior to buying it about 2005 or so I borrowed it and it had a flat tire but pretty well worn (trailer only hauled bicycles and other stuff occasionally) anyhow, I took the tire to a tire shop to get it plugged and the guy there just dug in his pile of take offs and found one one size different and installed it. The tire had a 1999 three character date code. About two years ago the other tire original to the trailer fell apart and went flat where I park it. I took the 2007 dated Marathon spare off the newly acquired travel trailer and installed in its place. Later I replaced the Hercules tires on the ground (2017 date codes) on the travel trailer and saved the one good tire (one blown, one cracked bad, one with metal wires embedded) and replaced that still usable 1999 tire!

As some of you may know we are buying a new house, if all goes well we will be closing on it in a couple of weeks. I have an 18 ft metal deck car hauler style utility trailer, which have not been using in recent years which I plan to use to haul our various belonging over to our new house, making multiple trips which is located less than 3 miles away. The tires on the trailer are low mileage, but are 10 years old, still hold air, the question is would you risk it? Most direct route to the new house would 35 mph speed limit almost all the way there, fastest route would have about 1.5 mile of 55 mph highway.
And you asked this question on a public forum....... where most people are going to say..............
Replace the tires, grease the wheel bearings and check the springs, shackles and brakes. it's the only safe way. :rolleyes:

JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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