VDC box

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Nov 8, 2010
Austin, Texas
I have a 2008 Fleetwood excursion and the gauges don?t work. Freightliner said it was the light bar so I bought one. Still didn?t work so they said it must de the VDC box which controls the gauges but I can?t find it. Have looked everywhere. Does any one know where this might be?  It has wires to it and two sir lines.
The VDU is usually located high in the engine compartment on the side wall of the access to the engine under the bed.  It is easy to recognize as there is a red and either a green or clear air ine to it and only 2, one of each.  If you are handy with a soldering iron, I have written a repair procedure for a specific set of problem to that unit.  There are copies posed in the FCOC club website and also on the NEwmarowners site on yahoo.  Or send me your email address and I will forward a copy to you.

best email is james dot godward at gmail dot com.
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