Ventline hood 12v momentary switch replacement needed...

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Sep 10, 2021
Ventline range/hood vent switch replacement needed.
Ventline Model BM (see pics)
I need a replacement momentary switch and can't seem to find one online anywhere.


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Nov 8, 2009
Looks to be a common snap in switch. There are numerous online electronic stores that should be able to match it up.


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Oct 6, 2017
50 miles south of Atlanta, GA
Those switches may very well be made by Sigma Switches in Elkhart, IN. I have a Jensen hood that I wanted to add a switch to and replace some switches with lighted ones. If the opening is roughly half inch wide and three quarters of an inch tall, then these are series two switches...
You cannot buy from Sigma at retail but there are several Ebay sellers that have the switches. I bought from Bupps Ebay Store. He is very good to deal with and will refund any excess shipping Ebay automatically calculates on multiple orders. There are other Sigma switch sellers on Ebay also.

Much more common sized switches that I suspect most people are referring to fit holes 1-1/8 inch tall by one half inch or so wide. Sigma refers to these as Type 1 switches but this size is extremely common.

I moved the switch for the electric side of the water heater to the vent hood, where it should have been in the first place (it was located about 5 feet away while the gas switch and fault light were on the hood), which required me running a 16 gauge wire in the existing wire bundle for about 15 ft, and I used illuminated switches so it would be plainly evident that the water heater was switched on. This is an Atwood water heater installation so the switch and wiring only carries 12v DC control circuit power to the water heater.

I did not see your post earlier or I would have pointed you to the source I found for the switches. I also purchased extra switches for future replacement. Thank you for the catalog reference you posted, I have saved it to my RV manuals directory for future reference.

The vent hood is a great place for switches and indicators such as this, and I am baffled why RV manufacturers have gotten away from putting the switches on the vent hood.



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