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Nov 7, 2011
I wrote this poem about a year ago to honor our fallen Veterans.  I would like to post it again because I do honor the brave men and women that have died defending the liberty of this great nation. 

In Arlington there is a place
that makes me sad each time I face
the row on row of marble stone
that mark the graves of men so brave.

Stones standing far as eye can see
brave men that fought for liberty.
Brave men that fought so long ago
that we might stand and we might know
a country free with liberty
brave men that died for fools like me.

I walk the path between the stones
I kneel and read the name
I bow my head and say a prayer
of thanks for men like he
a prayer of thanks for one who fought
to keep our country free.

So go some time down to this place
and walk the path and touch the face
of head stones standing row on row
where brave men died that you would know
that freedoms bell is ringing still
it's ringing now and always will
by men that died for liberty
brave men that died for fools like me......

Seajay the sailor man
ps.  Yes, I wrote it after visiting Arlington.
God bless all that defend this great nation....
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