Volunteer 20hrs/wk and Live at Beautiful Cachuma Lake in Santa Barbara, CA!

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Nov 15, 2013
The Neal Taylor Nature Center located at Cachuma Lake in the hills above Santa Barbara, CA is looking for a single volunteer or a volunteer couple. We need someone, preferably starting in May 2024 and staying through November 2024. This is a lovely time of year to be in this area. The volunteer(s) will be working with a fun group of other volunteers in the Nature Center and duties will include assisting with greeting visitors and children's groups to the Nature Center, attending to a small gift shop, light duty helping to keep the Nature Center dusted and vacuumed, and computer work. Computer skills are a big plus.

In exchange for volunteering an average of 20 hours a week, a full hookup RV site (electric, water, sewer) is provided in a nice RV park just steps away from the Nature Center. Hours are somewhat flexible but revolve around the Center's 10AM-4PM Wednesday-Saturday, 10 AM- 2PM Sunday schedule.

The Cachuma Lake Recreation Area is a short 20 minute drive to Santa Barbara, 10 minutes to Santa Ynez and the start of the valley wine country. There are so many fun things (something for everyone) to do in the area.

This is an excellent rewarding host opportunity for people who are responsible, self-directed, organized, and friendly!

To apply, fill out the form at:

We look forward to having you join us!


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I use to go to church camp at Lake Cachuma in the 60s. Beautiful place. This post brought me back to the fun times I had there as both a camper and a counselor. I met a girl there whom took me to see the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. She had an extra ticket. I wonder what happened to Evelyn Fine? It is the place I first played a guitar. We sang songs around the campfire every night and there was always a spare guitar that I picked up and tried to copy what the girl next to me was doing. I think we played Eve of Destruction dozens of times. I got a guitar and amp for Christmas that year (1965).
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I searched for the camp and found out it now costs $650 a week per camper. Wow, it was free for us. But no pay either.
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