WANTED: Thousand Trails Membership

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John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Well the one I have for sale at "Campgrounds for sale" is a basic National membership but you can upgrade it after you buy it. 2 weeks in one out TT only but the upgrades get you more time and more campgrounds
This is the E-dress for my broker [email protected]

Oh, why am I selling (you mighty want to know that) I no longer have the Motor home it was declared a total loss after a semi nicked it wile parked and I have medical issues that suggest only short trips and a much smaller RV If I even get another.


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Jul 1, 2006
Land of Lincoln
Generally we lock Classifieds threads since discussion can detract from a seller's intent, but since @TexSinbad is a prospective buyer (and did not post any contact info) I'll leave this open for awhile longer to allow potential sellers to respond.
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