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bill dane

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Jan 6, 2009
    Have been watching geese fly in a V formation for years and wondered why 1 side of the V  is almost always longer.  Setting out in the sunshine  watching formation flying by the other day and the answer came to me.  Now the question:  When geese are flying in a V, why is one line  longer than the the other?  Answer:  The longer line has more geese in it!
    Remember you were warned about the low grade humor.

Bill Dane  99 CC  Allure
So then what you are saying is that the longer the line of geese the more geese that are in that line? What if there are more geese in the other line?
That was too easy. It could be that the short line has a fewtoo many birds with bad body odor. Or...  the lead bird is a fabulous female goose and has a bigger following of ganders. It's called a goose-chase. Best I can do.  ::)

  I'll get back into my corner now.

That reminds me of the farmer who was trying to figure out how to tell two horses apart, Well after carefully measurement they found the black horse was 4 hands taller than the white.

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