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Oct 24, 2012
Hi everyone!

So I'm relatively new to the RV world along with my parents, but I do work for a dealership.  I've noticed my work has given me a huge leg up and helped protect me in making my warranty purchase choice.  I'll be honest, we would love your business if you are looking for warranty coverage, but my real hope is that I can offer everyone some knowledge to make your choice too.  Below is a set of questions you should ask anyone giving you a quote to make sure you aren't left holding the bill at the end of a repair or worse not able to even get in touch with a warranty company that has gone out of business.  Here in California we have the strictest consumer protection laws in the nation including being required to be a licensed, bonded and insured dealership in order to even sell a policy.  We also have to have 3 levels of protection should one company go out of business.  When in doubt, buy from a California based dealership.

1. Does the company offer used or new parts? Do I have to pay to ship those parts?
2. Is there trip interruption coverage? How much is the pay out for hotel/food/rental car/food spoilage/gas replacement/airfare to get home if needed?
3. Is the warranty transferable and can it be canceled.
4. Can I take my RV to any licensed shop?
5. What is the BBB rating for the dealership selling the warranty and for the provider?
6. Is this a service warranty or a mechanical breakdown insurance?  Insurance and be cancelled if there are too many claims and most likely will not be transferable.
7. Does the policy cover seals & gaskets? If so does that include the seals & gaskets for the slide outs?

Good luck and stay aware!

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