Washington D.C. Beltway construction

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Jun 3, 2006
Smithfield, Virginia
I - 95 travellers!  The Woodrow Wilson bridge on I - 495 around Washington D.C. will be opening a new span beginning
June 9 to June 12!  According to VDOT the bridge will narrow to one lane at times.  THIS will be a traffic nightmare!!  Avoid this
route at all costs.  Unfortunately, this means that I - 395 will be 10 times the mess it normally is.  495 west throught NoVA is an
option, but will almost certainly jam up (especially at the "Mixing Bowl")  Confused drivers will rule the day!  Rte 301 through MD.
will probably be stuffed, you may want to try Rte. 17 in Virginia.  Better yet, plan to head North or South through the beautiful
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