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Oct 22, 2010
oviedo, fl.
I  took my new to me rv out last weekend for a shakedown trip  even thought the dealer  did a so called  checkout  of all the systems.  This  is a 2002 trail lite  b plus  rv, anyway when i started the water heater  (propane  only )  i can hear  it sounded like the flame doesnt want to stay lit  but it did.
It kept burning the whole 30 mins i let it  run and the water was plenty hot  but  i thought it might go out  at any moment.  It just didnt burn  normally like my old one did.  What would i check first ?  thanks

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
At my Silver Springs FL home
Check for insect nests and spider webs in the burner tube and gas line feeding it. Try adjusting the air/fuel mixer on the gas feed tube - it's a sliding plate that partially covers an air gap in the side of the tube.

What is the make and model of water heater? Do you have a manual for it? A service manual can probably be found online.

John From Detroit

Well-known member
Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
I'd do a standard Preventive Maintence run.  As Tom said may have insect nest or may just need an air shutter adjustment.  If it's working for 30 minutes I'm inclined to believe there is no spider's nest in the oriface.. But check it anyway.

The water heater's owner's manual explains the procedure.. Alas, I can not since there are some slight differences make to make.
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