Water heater problem

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May 2, 2005
Hi there I am a newbie both to rv'ing & this forum.  I have a '96 Catalina TT with an Atwood water heater that I can not get to work right.  It is pilot light type.  When I light the pilot the burner will come on & usually stay on until the water is hot but the burner will not relight even if I run the water until it is ice cold.  Sometimes when I check the pilot is out, sometimes it is still lit but the burner will not relight.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.


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Mar 3, 2005
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The pilot going out could be just too much wind getting inside, dirt in the propane line, or a failure of the gas valve; the unit with the red button and red knob on it. Failure to light or relight is usually a misaligned or faulty (leaking) copper capillary tube that runs from the control unit (gas valve) to a place directly in the pilot flame area. Check it for corrosion, and alignment. The gas valve may be bad too, but replacing it is much better than trying to fix it - and safer. Also check that the main burner metering jet is not dirty or clogged. Do you have other propane powered devices that do not operate properly too? If so, the problem may be a bad regulator or clogged line from your main LPG supply. 
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