Water Pressure Down in 5thWheel

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Oct 1, 2006
It is a rainy night in VT and my husband and I are finally getting around to an email address and now registering here.  We sold our home in MO and most everything except the stuff in the basement and attic which we never use.  We retired and have been on the road since July in a 2006 Excel 5th wheeler(our only home). I think we are almost smart enough to know what we don't know and want to ask.  We are planning a trip down the Baja in early spring 07 so we are very interested in info regarding that.  However, our immediate concern is water pressure so low that the current rain will get the shampoo out better than the shower.


Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
Welcome to the RV Forum jgb. 

With regards to your water pressure problem, is this a sudden drop that happened from one moment to the next? 

Are you in a campground connected to city water or are you running off your pump?

If City water, when you disconnect your hose, is there pressure at the spigot?

Does the spigot have a check valve to prevent back flow?  Sometimes debris from the water line plugs up the check valve.  Unscrew it and clean it out.

If running off your pump, have you checked the filter on the pump?

Do you have water filters in the line?  Sometimes an unusual amount of debris in the water will clog the water filters.  If so replace the cartridges.

Have you checked the filter screens at your faucets for debris and your shower head for calcification?  Soak the shower head in some vinegar overnight.

Give us some feedback and we'll  see if others on the Forum might have more suggestions.

With regard to your trip to Baja, post another query in the Destinations section of the Forum.

Enjoy the RV Forum!  ;)
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