Water pump connection problem

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Dec 21, 2006
My 2003 H. rambler Fresh Water pump's dc power connection broke off on the bottom of the pump ( wire was found with the small lead which was corroded still attached ) I stuck the wire back into the " hole " and it worked.  when I finished my trip I took the pump out and the contact connection was non existant.  the wire apparently was agains the metal which enabled the pump to work when the pressure switch activated.  There is no apparant way to put a new connecton prong on the pressure switch ( i guess that's waht you would call it ) on the bottom of the pump.  The pump works fine but i can't get power to the activation switch ( the housing the connector that broke off was apparenly coming from the middle of the metal micro switch which is molded in plastic case with no way to disassemble it).  Does this mean i must buy a new pump, or can I just purchase the bottom part of pump ( new switch with connectors ?  Boy What a poor design.
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