Water system installation

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Jan 18, 2007
Does anyone know how to install a complete water system for a concession trailer. I'm assuming it's not much different than a RV. Parts are Grey water, fresh water, water heater and accessories. all are attached to a 3 compartment sink w/ separate hand sink. Please help. A video or instructions would be very nice.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
I'm not clear on what you need help with. You seem to know the parts you will need and individually they aren't difficult to put in. The challenge is to find a place for them in/on the trailer and figure out how to run PVC pipe (drains or fresh water) or PEX tubing (for fresh water) among them for water lines, run some wiring where 12V is needed (pump and water heater) and a propane line and 120VAC wiring for the heater (unless you want to run with 120VAC electric only). The water heater will come with an installation manual and you might find that manual online somewhere so you can review it before purchasing. Or ask a fellow RVer if you can photocopy the heater install manual that likely came with his RV - they are all pretty much the same except for small details.

Here's one source for water heaters, both Suburban and Atwood brands. Water heaters


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Dec 11, 2006
Yes you would need the same things for your trailer as you would for an RV .....Use ABS for drains and not PVC.  You may want to get a tankless LP water heater.  costs a little more but saves money in the long run and doesn't need as much space depending on the model.  Are you going to put in a grill?  If so you will need to get a commercial size LP regulator in the neighborhood of 300,000 BTU.  Those grills use lots of LP.  Your propane system will have to be approved by the state in which you build it.  There are many standards you will have to meet.  Your LP system must be government approved if you plan to use your rig commercially.  Make sure you draw up your plans for your LP and electrical systems and get approval before you build this will save a lot of headaches.
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