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Steve & Linda

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Jun 19, 2012
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Help! We seem to have a problem with one spot on the rear, curbside back corner that keeps  carpet wet beside DW's bedstand. That is also the corner of rear slide. We've had dealer/service look at this x3 and thought it was fixed. Just went out there to pack up some stuff for upcoming trip and its wet again. I don't know what's under that part of the chassis except we're a DP and I believe that under-compartment is where converter is located. Bathroom and holding tanks are on the other side. What do I do?
Start at the top. Check all the seams and especially the alum. drip gutter.( check it well it is a big leaker) Check all around the windows for cracked sealant. then I would get a strong flashlight and at night shine all the slide seals from different angles with DW is inside looking for light (In the dark ) then do it from inside to out side.

Do you by chance have your water heater anywhere near there? A small drip may migrate a few feet.
If outdoor temperatures are cold check that it's not condensation.  We had to add insulation to the inside of the fiberglass cap of our 1 year old motorhome to stop a "leak".

Best of luck.
captsteve said:
Start at the top.

Had the same problem, Same side of bed too.

Turned out to be the seal at the TOP of the slid out the bed is in,  Once I fixed it so the seal actually sealed.... Dry as the proverbial bone.

Water was running off the top. down the side following the slide out but now it's INSIDE the seal, and since it's INSIDE the carpet was.... the only place to go.
Might want to find an RV tech who has a Sealtech machine.  Those blow air into the coach through a roof vent, then the RV is sprayed with a soap solution and any air leaks blow bubbles.

For caulking, I use Trempro 635, which is a one-part polyurethane sealant.  A number of the other Tremco polyurethane sealants are also OK, as are a number of the Sikaflex polyurethanes.  RV places have them.
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