Watercolor painting

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Max...where did you take the classes? Local school, etc

Our schools have a lot of various classes for adults.
The course was offered through an art school but the classes were held at a nearby Senior Center. The group (15) has created a weekly drop in watercolor get together at the same Senior Center. A great group of people but not quite as great as RVers.
One of my sister-in-laws is an excellent watercolor artist. She used to teach but got tired of the schedule.

The only piece of her art I could find online is attached. It's not a watercolor but her other pieces are of similar quality. I can only draw flies.

I am terrible at it but I love to play with colors, so they always go with me when we travel. And I will never buy a Christmas, birthday, or whatever card again. I have a ready to go box that is always packed....
A farmer was approached by a young man who made him an offer. He told the farmer he'd paint his badly weather beaten barn for a really, really, really cheap price. The farmer couldn't believe how low the offer was. But, he really needed the barn repainted, so he agreed.

The young man had a trick to cut his expenses, making it possible to paint so cheap. He "thinned" the paint down with water, so much, it was almost nothing more but a water color. He was able to slop the paint on the barn. The job was done fast, it looked good, and the farmer paid the young man the agreed amount.

The farmer was so proud of his new painted barn, until later in the week when a terrible rain storm brewed. After the rain, he went out and looked at the barn! All the "white washed" paint was gone. The barn looked worse than before it was painted.

He prayed to God for justice. The Lord responded..... "Repaint, Repaint, and Thin no more!"

Watercolor! What a great hobby. Did you know that John James Audubon painted many of his Birds of America with Watercolor and Charcoal? He used wax too (crayon). It wasn't until about 1823 he started using oils.

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