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Mar 29, 2012
I have a 2011 Travel Trailer and just installed a weight distribution hitch and I am wondering how it improves the ride or handling. It seems to have made my ride and handling worse. (The Truck pulled fine without WD but the dealer insisted I install it because I'm so close to the hitch capacity)

I have always just used my Firestone rear Air bags, which I keep 40 to 50psi in when I'm towing. They alone have done a fine job by themselves but like I said my dealer wants me to use the WD hitch for safety.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me.  I don't think it should of made the ride/feel worse right? 
Tom said:
X2......If your truck drives worse with the WD hitch than without I would say something is wrong with the set-up. One thought: With the WD hitch set you will not want to put air in your air springs. This will take the weight off the WD bars and take away their ability to do their job.
The only thing a WD hitch does is transfer some of the hitch weight to the front wheels of the tow vehicle. If properly set up, your tow vehicle should end up being level and not sag in the back or jerk fore & aft when crossing bumps.  But maybe it was already that way - a half ton truck can carry a pretty substantial hitch weight anyway.

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