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Aug 19, 2006
Hello, my name is Keith, I am an owner of a 5th Wheel Fourwinds 35bh.  I recently had problems with the tires on the unit.  First off yes the tires were properly inflated to 80psi (and yes I have read the threads on all sites, and it depends on who you talk with).  This is just information for those of you that have either carlisle tires or a unit that was built in the early 04.  I have been researching my unit and the tires.  Carlisle tires 235 85R16, they are junk, get rid of them.  Last year on vacation I had a blowout, it did approx. 3000.00 dollars worth of damage to gas lines and structure, insurance paid.  This year on the way to Lake George New York I had a blow out.  This occurred on the same side but was a front tire of the trailer (double axle).  It did minimal damage, changed tire and continued on our way.  When I got to Lake, I got another spare for trip home.  On the way home we had two more tires blow out, one each side rear.  The Tire on the driver side tore apart and ripped all the wiring out of my rv.  It actually wrapped around the axle, what a mess!!!, the tire on the other side was on the pass. side and it had lost all the tread, and did damage that was repaired last year.  I had to have road service come out, and being on the New Jersey State Parkway, I could only use their service, everyone else is restricted.  I had to have them mount me a new tire on rim, and then they used my spare for the other replacement.  The road side service guy was very polite, but very expensive, we had to call for a low boy as he thought we would have to tow the trailer due to the wiring be damaged.  The low boy was not low enough so I had to baby my unit to a storage facility where I left it for several days.  The service call cost me 500.00 dollars and the storage lost was 650.00.  I went and picked up my unit during the day time and brought it home with out brakes and lights.  I had someone following me to Maryland.  Hairraising experience.  I have since found out that Carlisle might cover some of the cost if they find it to be their bad performing tires.  Waiting to see what their engineers say.  I have also found that the trailer Axles could be part of problem.  I am awaiting to find out if they are AL KO axles, if so I found that several RV owners have had problems with tire wear, AL KO has failed to recall but they are paying for replacement tires.  So I guess I have options.  I know this is long, but just thought maybe someone else was having a problem and I could help.  Also Carlisle had two Civil Lawsuits brought against them, I have only heard back from one with negative results for the consumer.  Some have gotten lucky with Carlisle.  You must send them the old tires back, they will pick them up, and they then send them to an engineer for a diagnosis.  GOOD LUCK if you have problems.  You may e=mail me if you need further.  [email protected]

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