Went to my first dealer, and boy you guys were right!

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Sep 4, 2006
DW and the kids and I went to a RV dealer yesterday.  We have been looking for 3-4 weeks on the internet for models and floorplans.  We figured it was time to go to the dealers and see the TT in person. We were only looking had no plans of buying.  We are going to wait a few more weeks and visit other dealers first.

But the salesman continually tried to push a TT that was too heavy and too long for my TV.  He brought out the Tow guide he had, told me they have been in business for x amount of years and knew what they were talking about.  I held fast to what I've gleened from reading here.  Later the second level of salesman came out after we went back out to look at a few more models, and he tried to steer us again toward the heavy and longer TT. Evidentally they are overstocked with this model and need to clear them before they can get their 2007 models.  Now I admit it was a beautiful TT, our original choice before I got a bit "educated" about tow weights and such. And I have to bang my head it's 7k cheaper than the one we are now interested in.

So thanks for the help on this site, your expertise helped me from salesman who only care about the sale. :)

Glad the information you picked up before visiting the dealer was helpful.  Many of us made mistakes in our first RV's by not doing the required research...and I include myself in that group.

The result is significant money loss as well as untold inconvenience.

Please continue sharing your experiences with the Forum, because your input will be valuable for other Forum members.

Good luck in your new purchase.
Thanks for the reporting that - it's nice to hear that our advice served a useful purpose.  I hope you went to the dealers armed with the actual tow rating for your tow vehicle, preferably in printed form, so you could say with authority "that trailer is too heavy for my truck".

We always say that no RV salesman has ever said "you can't tow that with your truck".  That's not quite true, but for practical purposes it may as well be a fact.
**  So thanks for the help on this site, your expertise helped me from salesman who only care about the sale. **

It is unfortunate that many newbies to RV sales will lie to make money to feed their kids.  On behalf of ethical professional RV salesmen which I am one I can only apologise for his mis-information.  I can honestly say that I have let sales go to tell the truth and educate people the RIGHT WAY with facts and not B.S. It has hurt at times financially but there is only ONE way to be a good professional and that is by knowing the truth, telling the truth,  and leading people to the right RV for their needs and not my needs. 

OK I know I sound like Ghandi or something but it its the only way to be....
I knew there are honest salesman ;D out there.  Probally quite a few, I just haven't encountered any yet.
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