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Feb 28, 2014
I'm sure this has come up before but I am looking for any direction that might help.

Drove back to Michigan from Florida taking it easy with a 5 day/4 night trip. Coach (2004 HR Vacationer 37PCT w/toad) ran well with no problems except...on the afternoon of the 4th day my wife noticed the floor on the passenger side was wet, under her floor mat and along the firewall and side. There had been no rain for any of the trip but we had been running the chassis air all of the time. Did not run the heat for any of the four days. I know that the drain for the AC can get clogged so I checked it and found nothing though I did take the hose all the way off and ran a wire up inside the pan area. The wet floor seemed to be only water with no odor of antifreeze so I assumed it was from the AC.

The last day was cooler so we did not run the AC but on short occasions we ran the heat. At the end of the trip the floor seemed damp, again, but still no odor, which I would have thought would accompany a heater core issue.

Not sure where to look next. I will be parked at a camp site for about a week before I finish the rest of the trip home and was wondering if anyone had any fairly simple things to look into.

The coach has the F-53 Ford Chassis with the V-10.

Thanks gang.


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Sep 10, 2011
Northeast Ohio

My 07 Hurricane on a F53 with a V10 does the same thing.  I think that is condensation on the cold a/c duct. I notice it is worse when it?s on Max Air. The a/c drain is forward of the firewall and drips on the ground just inboard of the right front tire. It?s not a heater core because it?s not engine coolant which is what runs through the heater core. Might try wrapping the duct with some kind of insulation.  Just my guess. When we run the a/c DW puts a towel on the floor under the duct. Will work on it when we get home


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