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Sep 5, 2005
Greetings.  First time posting.

Three years ago, my wife and I had a 1987 Coachman Class C and were on our way to Lancaster, PA for a weeks worth of vacation.  Traveling down the PA turnpike towing a Ford Ranger, near New Stanton, my wife noticed smoke from the floorboards.  Needless to say my wife and I and the Ford Ranger were saved.  The MH burnt to the ground.  Now as I am 10 months from retirement, we are in the process of researching another MH.  Going to upgrade to a Class A.  Looking for something from 2001-2005; 32-34 ft; gas; dual slides.  Basic requirements!
Looked at a lot, and researched some in a little detail.  Would anyone have any suggestions for a quality rated, dependable used MH.  Trying to stay in the 50K to 60K range.  Looking at Coachman, National, Fleetwood, and a few others.  When we get down close to the decision, I was thinking of RV Consumer Group for help in final decision.  So far the forum has given me quite a bit of insight to several models.

Thanks for your assistance in advance



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Jan 29, 2005
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When we get down close to the decision, I was thinking of RV Consumer Group for help in final decision.

Personally I wouldn't give information from RVCG a whole lot of weight when making your decision.  They seem quite biased to me .  Ask questions here, shop and look, when you find something that apealls to you ask other owners of that product.  Lots of good help can be found here.

Jim Dick

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Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
Hi Bill,

Sorry to hear about your disaster but we're glad you and your wife were not injured. All of us fear a fire in an RV.

I can't help much with what you should buy as we own a diesel pusher but keep asking questions and do your research. I agree with Ron that the RVCG isn't the gospel on what you should buy. They might have some good info but I don't think they are the "experts" in the field. Owners here will know much more than they do.

I do know that the longer wheel base units handle better in windy and heavy truck traffic conditions. The rest is more a personal matter for each individual.


Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Look at a lot of makes and models to find the size and floor plans that suit you. THEN we can discuss which might be the better choice among them.

Fleetwood builds so many makes of motorhomes that saying "I'm looking at Fleetwood" doesn't mean too much.  The same would apply to Monaco, which has several lines with the Monaco label  and also owns the Holiday Rambler, Beaver, and Safari brands.

Also:  The Newmar brands are well regarded. So are Tiffin (Allegro family).  Most Winnebago and Itasca owners also seem happy.

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
I will tell you the one feature that sold my wife (and influenced me personally) more than any other on the Motor Home we bought (A 2005)

It has a bath and a half... The "Master" bath in the rear (in our case) has shower, toilet and dual wash basins. Toiles is a macerating toilet cause the black tank is under the front "half bath" which is toilet (Regular "Sea-land" type) and wash basian only.

There are times when you just gotta go, and murphy says the wife is on the throne just when you need to be there.


Jan 13, 2005

I've wished many times that we had an extra half bath like you have.
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