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May 29, 2006
Poulsbo WA
About winterizing ...

It rarely goes below freezing here - do you still suggest complete winterizing? An RV'er told me they just keep a space heater in the bathroom to keep everything from freezing ...

If we DO take the MH to a cold climate - I'm thinking Leavenworth WA around Christmas if the passes are clear enough, does holding tank water ever freeze after a chilly night or two?

And I'm assuming some - if not many - of you have LCD or plasma TVs in your rigs. Do you leave them out in cold weather? I got a 20" LCD for the bedroom and I'm wondering how it will do in the long, chilly winter months.

Thanks in advance-

Poulsbo WA

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
I live in north central Florida during the winter and we get a few freezing nights, sometimes as low as 22 or so but mostly 28-30 for  2-4  hours.  That's not long enough to do damage.  But if it will be below freezing for several hours, I  just leave the heat on at about 45 degrees and put a lighted 75 light bulb in the utility bay to keep the water valves thawed.  The ice maker water valve is another weak point, if you have an icemaker in the fridge. A light bulb near that is one solution.

Yes, waste tanks can freeze if it is below freezing for extended periods. Whether yours will or not depends on whether the tanks are insulated and how well. Some are even heated If you have electric power availale..


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Apr 8, 2005

We kept our m/hs outside in Arlington for 4 1/2 years. When the forecast lows started reaching 30 or below I would go down and plug in an electric heater set at 50 degrees. If the temps started heading into the mid to low 20's (3 times while we were there) I would also turn on a light bulb in the water cabinet as Gary described. Two years ago we had a three day stretch of 18-22 degrees and I did turn on the rear furnace set at 50 degrees to make sure enough heat got to the lower storage areas.

The rest of the time I left the heaters off as I did not like the idea of leaving them on for long stretches without being around in case of a problem. I did have the power plugged in that kept batteries up and reefer running that kept the ice maker line heated.

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