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Jul 25, 2005
What is the better brake controler.
Tekonsha Prodigy or the Tekonsha Primus.

I can get the Primus for $30 dollars less than the Prodigy. Does anyone know the real advantage with the Prodigy over the Primus? I cant tell what the advantage would be.

No contest buy the Prodigy!!!

I have had many different controllers over the years, the Prodigy comes the closest to the style that was run off the master cylinder where the trailer brake action was in line with the application of the tow brakes. After the ABS came out the use of master cylinder activation was not possible, thus the all electronic controllers. In most electronic I have had it is a  all or none with no in between. You set low enough to not lock up  which then means that if needed you don;t have enough brake. Whith the Prodigy it truly is a proportinal controller that is settable for load you are towing. I give it thumbs up.

If you like the type that hooks to the master cylinder take a look at "BRAKESMART" it is compatible with ABS....
I also understand "JORDAN" makes an outstanding controller.
I don't know the difference between those (I have a USgear Decelerator myself) but the CEO of Tekonsha was a classmate of mine, believe it or not  (originally it was the founder's daughter who was in my calss, but The Hamptons (hampton amusements) bought the company and Terry (the oldest of the brothers) was in my high school class)

Good hardware in any case

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