What is this button for?

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Dec 29, 2012
Hi everyone. Was hoping to get some opinions on what the switch is for located on the right of this pic.
Left is obviously control panel, middle is water heater, right is a mystery.
I plan to pull it apart and trace the wires on the weekend. But thought I would ask the panel of experts first.
My trailer is an all American Sport, 385RLTS by forest river.
I'm hoping its a secrete button that turns the water into wine, but so far it doesn't work.


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captsteve said:
Electric HWH element? or beer tap?

Water heaters in RV's come in a couple of different types.. Gas, or Gas/Electric is the division for this discussion.

NOW.. There is a product (HOTT ROD) that converts a Gas only to a Gas/Electric.. IF you did this you might wish to install a switch for the electric (HOTT RODD) element, and .. I strongly suspect that's it.

To confirm... Open water heater outside compatment, Near the bottom is a 1/2 inch pipe fitting with some kind of plug in it, IF there are wires coming out the plug then that is what it is, IF not.. It might still be I do not know but if there are, that's it.

Even if you do not have the Hott Rodd (Described above, the plug with wires) it might still be the electric switch for the water heater.

Or,,, something else entierly.

Myself, I stick a switch in this house, I break out the P-Touch and apply label.  But that's me, I assume that the person who needs to figure out what that switch won't read the label but at least I can point out I labeled it :).
Danhobie said:
I'm hoping its a secrete button that turns the water into wine, but so far it doesn't work.
If it is, I'll give you $1000 bucks for it right now! And I would be ahead in the long run. Yep, I think water pump or electric heat element for the w/h is a good bet.
an electric hot water element would be great if that's what it is. It might also explain why I go through propane like a small city. As I dont turn this switch on because im not 100% sure what it is.
Would another way to see if it is an electric element is by turning off the propane, run the shower till cold then wait to see if it heats up the water or am I being too lazy. Thanks for all the responses. I wish the previous owner would have just labeled it. If it is a beer tap then party at my place this weekend!
A quicker test is to first determine if you have an electric heating element for hot water, and if so, use a voltmeter to check for voltage across the element with the switch off and on.  This assumes you're familiar with the use of an AC voltmeter and are comfortable working around 120VAC.
Perhaps this explains the phantom switch! Use by the co-pilot to remove those tail-gaiters or to open up congested roads.

OK, time to put away the keyboard or the scotch  :-X


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My vote is electric water heater. Switch marked water heater turns on gas valve for water heater. Pump switch is located at bottom of tank sensor panel. I had a similar set up on my first TT.
We have a switch sort of like that. It is for the overhead fan. We have one in the living area and a second one in the bathroom...
My old 5er had a switch that powered the switch that ran my slide in and out. Another one for the ceiling fan.
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