What is this control box?

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Apr 16, 2019
OK, I feel like I'm getting to know about everything in this new to me truck (mostly because I've had to fix everything).  But now there's a control box staring at me and I have no idea what it does.  It has several fairly beefy (15A) relays.  And some SSRs?  I thought it might be for my hydraulic slideouts.  Thankfully, the slideouts are working so I haven't had to dive into this yet.  (I did just get slideout lube so I'll be learning about them soon!)

Or maybe it's for the leveling system?

Anyone recognize it?


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HWH levelers control box. 4 15 amp fuses are for the solenoids. They blow when the solenoids go out. Level sensing board at the bottom. It can be adjusted to make the lights on your control panel show when you are roughly level.

Some other examples.
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