What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

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Double drive-throughs drive me nuts! I always seem to get stuck behind the guy who won't pull up far enough after he orders.
I rarely use them. I usually eat inside, and often even when I get it to go.

But I would think the double drive-throughs can only help and not hurt.

-Don- Barstow, CA
I read a story about Thanksgiving dinner this year and noticed the cost, 130 dollars that is reported to feed 4 to 6 people. After reading so many replies here and the costs for generic hamburger packages sold at the big chains, I can buy this package just for the two of us and it will feed us for about a week even if we are traveling across country.. . No cooking, or cleaning up bunches of dishes.

Their Christmas dinner consists of Ham, dressing, gravy , Cranberry relish, maccaroni and cheese with yeast rolls with one extra side. This also serves 4 to 6 people for 109 dollars. Sold

And we can actually stay in their parking lots too. What a deal

With minimal planning and using an app, we avoid those places for fuel all together. They're not doing the small communities a service by charging super high prices for fuel, that's for sure.
Just saw this on the news. Colorado got hit the hardest by inflation of any state. Best to avoid going here or just pay the higher prices.


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