what should be the proper psi for hankook tire ah11 245/70r 19.5

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Mar 16, 2019
I just got the eezrv Tpms system and in setting it up, it asks for the cold and hot values.  I checked the tire pressure and all the tires were at 80 psi, but on the tire sidewall it is labeled is 120 psi.  I have a 2008 Monaco monarch 30sfs and I know the max loaded weight is 20,500 and the unloaded weight is 17,065.  I estimate my weight at 18,000  I will be getting the RV weighted on Friday.  I went to Hankook web site and I really couldn't find the information I needed. I did a search on the net and I found answers to be 80 psi to 100 psi.  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Tire pressure is very important, and Larry has directed you to a great resource.  As for your set points, I suggest setting cold pressure about 5 psi below ideal and high psi at least 30 psi above ideal.  This will help eliminate initial alarms for normal pressure above the alarm point.

You can view and adjust pressures before each day of travel based on the displayed value.  After a trip or two, you can lower the high pressure to a more accurate point for your RV, based on observed pressures.
Thank you for the info.  Were at an Escapees event in Tuscon and Friday we are signed up to get our rig weighed in.

Thanks Again

The psi shown on the sidewall in what is required to carry the tires max load. Otherwise not useful. You need enough psi to carry your actual load, plus another 5-10 psi for a safety margin and to cope with temperature changes.

If the Hankooks are the same size originally provided with the coach, use the psi shown on the federal tire safety placard on the wall by the driver seat. That should cover the coach at its fully loaded weight (GVWR).

Your estimate of 18,000 is almost surely low. Probably very low. But the scale will tell all.

All the tires on the same axle must have the same psi, but different axles can have a different psi.
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