What to expect at the dealership?

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Oct 4, 2012

We are new to the forum. We are interested in purchasing a trailer: 2013 Dutchmen ASPEN TRAIL 3010BH. Price is $22, 975 + taxes, licensing, and dealer prep fee. Does anyone know if this is a good trailer and good price? Also, the RV dealer is about 2 hours away, and I'm not going to enjoy the trips back and forth, so I'm wondering if I should opt for a different one that is local to me, even though it is not our first choice.

When I called the dealer, I was told there are additional costs such as hitchwork and we need to purchase an electric brake controller. I downloaded the buying checklist which was very helpful in terms of what to look for before purchasing, but is there a resource that tells me what to expect during the buying experience? How long should we anticipate spending at the dealership to complete the purchase from start to bringing it home? I didn't expect it when the dealer indicated it would take 2 days to prep the trailer for towing. What are all the legitimate "additional costs" that I should reasonably expect to pay for?

Please let me know if there is such a resource to help me prep for this experience. I have 2 young kids so I have limited time and would be helpful to know what to expect when I walk through the dealer's door.

Many thanks!
Elly H.
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