What vehicle to choose?T

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They had made some changes over the years. Have owned freightliners, drove Mack and KW. Still would pick a freightliner. Pete is the best though if you have the bucks.
If you are not already familiar with "big rig" pneumatic brakes and suspensions you are in for a steep learning curve. you would also have substantially higher tow fees in the event of a breakdown. I think you would be far better off with a used diesel pickup even if more expensive than the tractor. The pickup could be driven occasionally much more easily than the tractor.
One issue I've read about that is something to consider.

With the latest issues of "frame flex" which is just another way of saying your fifth wheel frame is cracked or broken, one needs to look at the entire set-up to avoid this as much as possible. In addition to poor welds, poor design, heavier than planned or overloaded pin weights, etc, another concern is the actual tow vehicle. Today's fifth wheels are sort of designed to have give and take to help absorb road shock.

My guess is a truck like that will have virtually no give and take compared to any 3/4 or 1 ton truck.
I thought about this as well. I stuck with F350 for several reasons. In no particular order.
- comfort. Normally not an air ride seat so would have to be upgraded. Hard for DW and fog to get in and out of.
- parking/using when 5ver in place. DW couldn’t/wouldn’t ever drive it and parking a real PIA. Unless I got fancy bed to haul small smart car.
-maintenance and repairs. All cost much more expensive that regular diesel pick up.
Or a Ford F450/F550 or a Chevy Kodiak medium truck, anything that is less imposing that a Class 8 heavy truck. ;)
That size of a trailer, a 1 ton may pull it but going down hill that trailer will push you. Met someone with exact same setup. Tells me his F350 does pull it but gets scary going down hills as it pushes him down pretty fast. On the brakes all the way down. My guess is pin weight is either real close to max weight or a bit over. I wouldn’t go over the Colorado mountains pulling that with a 1 ton. Good luck on your decision.
I plan on towing a 20,000-pound 5th wheel. Ford and Dodge want high 80s for a new truck. I can buy a 2017 Volvo VNL tractor with 543k miles just serviced with new drive tires for $27,000. I realize 7 mpg is going to be the max. Truck is immaculate. What could be the disadvantages with a tractor?
Another point is 543K. Truck can have 2-200K before needing a rebuild. Are you a gambling man.
There is a reason why Volvo’s over 500k are cheap. Personally for a 20k toy hauler I’d be looking at Ford F450/550 or Ram 4500/5500. I own a Chevy dually pulling a 12k 5er.
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