What?!? You are selling your RV?

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Dec 12, 2008
Where ever we park it!
Yep, surprisingly enough, we have decided to sell the Journey.  Since we are not full timing anymore and will be spending more time hanging around the stick house we decided to go back to a 5th Wheel trailer.  We already have the truck and it is paid for, so we are "re-adjusting" our expenses.  I have just finished listing it on RV Trader, and when I get the time later tonight I will make a listing for our sales forum.  :'(

It's not an easy move, as we still LOVE the rig, and really have invested a bunch of money in it since we bought it 3 years ago.  What the dealers want to give you for a trade in is criminal, so we are going to take a shot at the private seller market.  :eek:

Well, we just look at is as a new page being turned in our book.  ;D

Hopefully it won't turn out to be too much of a PITA.......
That's pretty much what we'll be doing next fall.  But we'll be looking for a newer, smaller motorhome and not a trailer.  Can't tow much with a Canyon :)

Good luck with the sale.  We'll be trying private sale first too.
Betty Brewer said:
So what about Moab?
Right now it's up in the air. Shoot, who knows if it will sell.  I may be loading it back up and heading out again! 

captsteve said:
Say it ain't so!!! :'( :'( :'( :'(  GOOD LUCK !! ;D ;D

Yeah, I know Steve. It's hard for me to believe too.  But hey, life with me is never boring!!

Tom said:
Good luck with the transition Marty.

Thanks Tom. It seems like selling any kind of vehicle always generates an extreme amount of stress. It's a little scary, and a little exciting.
Moab's not that far off! Maybe it could be like a Farewell Tour! You could sell t-shirts and stuff!

Seriously, I don't like to be reminded that circumstances change and you have to be adaptable to what is thrown at you. I really think that flexibility is part and parcel of what being on the road is all about.

Good luck with whatever way you decide to make it work for you! If you miss Moab, we'll still talk about you....(selfishly, I wanted to talk about Alaska...)  8)
Sarge, just read your for sale posting.  Wow.

  If there are any pictures missing one may find them on my computer desk. While scrolling up and down a bunch of them landed on my desk. Now how do I put them back ?  ;D

  Will you take my personal check drawn on my Cypress bank account ?  ::)

All  the best, Carson

SAD at least your not giving up just transitioning. Think TOY HAULER should be able to get one to hold a jeep. Mileage will SUCK but we ALL know this already.
Can you tell me where you got the laptop stand?  That's  a really great idea.

One year later and I would be on your doorstep....Just what we are looking for, shorter diesel Class A,  but too soon for us....Good luck from Fallbrook...

Steve And Liz
Fallbrook, Ca
06 Gulfstream 30' V-10
Jeep Wrangler
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