When to use the battery disconnect.

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Oct 6, 2017
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The older Magnetek/Parallax converters had a failure mode that could boil batteries dry, but even those were ok when they worked properly. The did have a tendency to run too hot though. Fortunately, there are upgrade kits available for them.

Tendency to run hot might be an understatement.........

That burned spot is right under the transformer coil in the Magnetek.

The top two "upgrade" converters in the link are, unfortunately, WFCO units and they rank close to as bad as the old Magnetek.

I have installed two of the Progressive 46XX models, ditching one of those WFCO "upgrades" someone had installed.

Magnetek converters, if working properly, run at a constant, battery cooking voltage of about 13.7 to 14.0 or so. The Progressives drop to 13.2v and this is high enough to maintain the batteries, but low enough to not boil them off. A half volt makes a whole lot of difference.

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