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Nov 3, 2005
We made resv back in Nov for a two night stay at Calico Ghost Town.  When we arrived someone was in our spot assigned so we checked with the make believe ranger and were told to use another site no one was assigned it.  We did as advised and set up, let and went into town and out to Edwards.  Came back and a guy whom had set up next to us came running over telling us in a very nasty voice don't you get comfortable there cause you will be out of here!  Another so called ranger came up and immediately started jumping down our throats about the spot we took. Said these folks paid for a spot and you can't just take what you want.  We tried to explain that we had paid and that the lady at the front told us to use this spot. Again started yelling I'm doing my job here she has no clue what she was doing.  Not our fault.  Went to the office and yet two additional parties were in the office with the same problem.  Another so called ranger was very rude to them as well telling one man to leave the office that she just could not talk to him.  Asked for our money back and we would go someplace else and were told 4 to 6 weeks since we paid for our site with check, have to go thought main office. STATE ran deal!  Bottom line the place is a mess the people are rude and the sites are washed out and one could lose a unit in some of the spots.  We did finally get the supervisor to give us one nights stay cash refund but we had to pack up and leave at 5pm.  Asked why since we had paid and paid in Nov all we got was these folks requested these sites together and paid.  WE paid!  No help from these folks.  If this was the only place to stay and I had to stay I would pull off on the side of the road before I would ever go into this place again.  They are very rude, over book sites and are way over their heads in dealing with people.  BAD PLACE!


Jan 13, 2005
Soory to hear that Cheryl. It's only happened to us once, but that was in a private park, so they had no "state run" excuse.
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