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I'm sure you will find something that will work out for you, Adrienne. I like the renaissance faires and have hit a few of them....even some of the SCA crowd. I didn't see an opportunity to make much money based on my business interests and skills. However there were some who did. A lady selling candles made a killing at one of the faires. Might be something that would be difficult to do on the road though. Do know folks who make jewelry and do well. Just need to find that niche ;) My businesses are all web based, so I can be anywhere and work. I do have a Medieval Wares site:)
We have several reasons why we RV......
One is that we always rented in the past and loved it and the kids seemed to enjoy this unique way of traveling and visiting places.
Two is that we got tired of paying $8000.00 yes no typo for the house we stay at in the lower florida keys.
Three is that we love to go to football games and enjoy tailgating.
Kids are getting older now one in college and we want to see more of this great country and the kids still love to go with us our first big trip out west will be next summer all planned and booked now this may be the last long big trip we will be able to take with the kids before they are out of the house. But we will enjoy when the days come for our grandchildren to join us.
We have owned our 40MH diseal pusher class A fleetwood Discovery for 8 months now and are already talking about our next move to a 45 Fleetwood Heritage.

I bet I could think of more reasons.

Happy Trails
I think that it will all work out, woodartist. ?I just need to be patient, which is hard for me. ?I have itchy feet frequently...gotta keep moving. ?I always wondered about the Ren. faires, I would have to find something special to sell...hmm...homemade beer ?????? ?that might be a good thing...

I think that I will focus on the current business and see what happens there... :-\

Zymurgy ? From old English recipes? Church ale? Heck, lots of possibilites and you'll find something, I'm sure. I used to do homebrew and it was fun....little difficult on the road though, but heck it might work. ;)
Nope per month $8000, yep. We normally split the cost with 3 families and we stay for a month but last year we only split it two ways, yikes and too late to back out of rental agreement. Now it was a big house 4 bedrooms, 3 baths 100 feet seawall corner lot, pool etc.... I am very tired of dealing with realtors as well especially after last year hurricane season my daughter and i prepared the house left for ft lauderdale and back the next day to clean up and the realtor had the nerve to accuse us of dipping dive gear in pool which put salt water in pool, geesh we had a fricken hurricane they wanted us to pay for re-marciteing the pool, I think not had to even get a lawyer to send letter and never heard a word back from them and got my deposit back. They should wish all there renters were as good as me. When we leave it is ready for someone to come in the same day. My old girl scout motto "leave a place better then you found it".

It is so nice now and we really enjoyed being in our MH this past summer in the keys one big thing I notices was we did not have to unpack and set up like we use to do at the house and the groceries were already loaded no big trip to the store.

I usually just brew in a five gallon bucket.  I make a strong beer, usually 9-10%, you only need one!  I don't actually drink it, but enjoy making it for my husband.  I guess I am the perfect wife ;D :D ;)!!  hahaha.  Yeah, I have been discussing selling vs. not selling this biz, and I think, at the very least we are going to try to make this work, and then see if we can get someone to run it for us.

I love ren. faires, and we may have to do a "follow the ren. faires" trip, at least for a while. 

I can nearly taste the freedom and it is driving me nuts :( :( :'( :'( :'(

WOW, 8K a month...sure wish I was that landlord, Colleen ;) So, yes I can certainly see how the RV would be cheaper :D

I used a 6 gallon food grade bucket, but made it in 5 gal batches Adrienne. Used quart returnable bottles ( Nehi) and a hand capper. Enjoyed making it and gave most away. Started with the Pabst Malt and then used the more "exotic" malts and hops. EVen cracked my own barley at one time. Too much work, but fun to try. Made wine from all kinds of fruit and that was fun also....not too bad either ;) One thing that struck me was how inexpensive it was too make, versus what it cost in the store :eek: Yours is a tad higher in alcohol content that mine was.....but you must be the perfect "Ale Wife" ;)

If you can find the right person to run the business that would be an option. I used to have trouble just finding employees that were a darn ::)
I always use tons of malt and one of the canned kits.  I add in extras like flavorings and such.  One year I made an awesome winter brew with ginger, orange, and cinnamon.  I actually have a couple of batched I need to make, haven't found the time, I guess.  The inexpensive factor is another thing.  I mean 5-6 GALLONS of 9-10% alcohol beer is around $30 or so, it is amazing how chaep (and good!) things are when you make them yourself.

I know of a few people that can run the biz, it is just getting the biz healthy enough for that to happen.  I need to have about600 clients to do that, I have around 450 right now.  This is up from maybe 100 when I bought the place empty, 16 months ago, so we are doing well, just need to get it all together.

My health had gotten too bad to use our houseboat often enough to justify the upkeep so we sold it.  After a couple of months we paniced that we no longer had a reason to leave our house so we thought we should buy an RV.  After buying the RV the first thing we did was to travel to Tyler, TX and visit my Mom and Dad.  Having the RV to stay in was great as it meant we could still keep our own hours and not disrupt anyone.  This held true with every one we visited.  That reason alone justified our purchase, but then we made a couple of camping trips with it and a whole new world opened up for us.  My wife likes to travel and camp, but wants all the conveniences of home and luxuries. I can see upgrading from our 31 foot Class C at a later date. 
The folks we have met have been wonderful and the places to go are unlimited.
I grew up in a family of 10 kids. Our dad converted an old school bus so we could all go camping. I have wonderful memories of that. My wife and I bought our first rv in 1976. It was a 65 Open Road chassis mount. She likes to tell stories of potty training our son in it! Since then we have had 1 travel trailer and 6 motorhomes. We've traveled most of the country, used them as support vehicles for my drag racing addiction, and they have been utilized as our mountain cabin on some property we own.
Personally I hate flying, especially the airports and all that goes with them and I hate living out of a suitcase.
The status of our family now: Mom and dad (early 80s) just pulled in the driveway a few minutes ago in their GM 4104 from a trip to the Dakotas, One brother has a 5th wheel, one has a Monaco Signature, and my wife and I have a Country Coach. We love the rv life and as someone a lot smarter than me once said "There ain't no romance in flying!"
COLLEEN  good Lord I live down here and can't imagine that rent unless it is a palace....I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the realtor, there's bad apples in every bunch. I hope you return with your MH and give the Keys another chance...it's really pretty nice here!

It is on Summerland Key (Summerland Cove) mm 27 need I say more LOL. Plus if you want a home with a pool you can add another $1000 to the rental.

Now we stay on Cudjoe Key mm 23 or 24 at Venture Out with our MH for $99 per night in season mainly Lobster season. The CG's closer like Stock Island and Key West we cannot get our 25' boat in and out of water is too shallow like at Blue Water which is very nice place.

We spend a lot of time in Key West I do most of my grocery shopping there plus we are in Key West many many times throughout the year love it there. I am a native Floridain

OK now I know why the rent's high.......I'm at MM10. Lived at Venture Out for 4 months when I first moved here in 89 then bought a house on Truman Ave. Now I'm out in the "burbs".

Sorry it took so long to reply. I don't look at this stuff every day. I'm a lifelong fan, part time racer. I raced blown gas Jeeps, Alcohol Funny cars and Top Fuel dragsters in the sand in the 70's and 80's then had a blown alcohol altered on the asphalt for a short period of time before switching to Alcohol Funny Car. Raced those until 2000. Won afew NHRA division races and the Topeka national event in 97. My 15 minutes. Unlike most former racers who say they don't make good spectators we still like to attend whenever we can.
Great conversation! BernerGran must put in her two cents.

We began rving in1972, the year after we were married. We purchased a 21 ft. coachman travel trailer. We had that rig for four years and made several trips across country in it.

In 1977 we moved into a Class C Coachman Leprachaun mini-motorhome, which we had for 27years. Our kids went from carbeds to college between those two rigs. In fact several years ago when we traded in our Class C for a Class A National Seabreeze our son was crushed. He wanted the front seat out of the Class C because that is where he learned to read maps. He had every major league basebal park circled in our RandMcNally atlas. Good memories.

We had 1 month of vacation each year and we usually took of from our home in NJ and headed out west. So both our kids had wonderful exposure to National Parks, museums, and the greatt outdoors.

Now we're retired, and have known throughout the years that we wanted to travel a bunch in our retirment years. I am severely afflicted with rehumatoid arthritis and we plan to travel as long as I am able to. I doubt that we will give up our home and go full time at this point. Our  kids are here and it is important for me at this time to have a home base, if you will.

We just love the life style, the peace and quiet, meeting nice people. It gives us a great set up for the majority of dog shos that we attend each year. Our rig is large enough for all of our "vices" aka hobbies, the dogs and their paraphenalia, and us. So it works well for us.

It was a goodd thing when our kids were young and I have always encouraged young people to do this for their family if they are able.

Thanks for the addition BernerGran... I love to hear how you brought your kids up in the camping lifestyle, since that's what my wife and I would like to do.  :)

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