Why is the winnebago special?

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Jan 30, 2013
It seems as if the winnebago is special.  It has its own specified forum as well as a specific portion in the library.  Why makes it special?

It seems to have been around forever.  At least as long as I know, there's been Winnebago. Others come and go, then there's Winnebago. 

I know when I was looking, it was my impression that the fit and finish, as well as overall quality was higher on the Winnebago's' I looked at compared to the rest.  I don't know precisely how many are around, I think the technical term is "mega-loads"  ;)
Winnebago is not "special" per se, but they were a pioneer company of the RV industry and have outlasted many other manufacturers that have come and gone.  I've never owned one, but their products are considered among the most reliable... not that there aren't other quality brands, because there are.  Condition and maintenance would still be more important factors (rather than brand name) in buying any RV, especially used.

The fact that there are separate Winnebago areas here at RVforum.net is a side issue, and doesn't suggest that we all love Winnie's more than anything else.  A couple years ago, RVF adopted a Winnebago-owners group that had existed for many years but lost its online "home"... those new sections were created as a result.  That information may eventually be folded into the forum as a whole, but for now it remains separate but equal.  ;)
To the layperson, Motorhome = Winnebago and vice versa.  Many of the uninitiated equate two terms....kind of like drinking any soft drink is "drinking a Coke".  They've been around forever, and have an excellent reputation. 

I overheard someone commenting on a new set of self storage buildings recently......"and they have covered parking for Winnebagos."......translation, covered RV parking. 

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