Why .mov can't be edit in WMM? Any editing program more streamlined

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Mar 18, 2013
I have a compilation of 25 old 8mm home movies which have been put on a DVD.

I assumed I would want to edit this and asked for a copy of the underlying files which I got in .MOV file format.

Since I am a PC guy and anticipated using Windows Movie Maker (WMM) i needed a conversion to .WMV file format.

I used a trial version of product and the conversion completed. But it took the better part of 10 hours to complete, and the output video plays poorly in Windows Media Player.So, I have one question:

Do you have a product can recommend\ that will do the conversion and also provide an editing program/format that is more streamlined than WMM in much an efficient way?
Download the free version of QuickTime to view the .mov file on your PC. If the viewing experience is satisfactory, then stick with .mov format. This will expedite your final rendering time without converting to another format. If the .mov is degraded on QuickTime, the current .mov resolution is less than your DVD 720x480 resolution.

QuickTime 7.7.3 for Windows

Look into Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas product for editing software. Search YouTube for instructional video on the 2 products mention to minimize the learning curve.
Before you go knocking your socks off trying to make the .mov files look good in WMM you should understand the limitations of the 8mm format. 8mm is 4.8 mm x 3.5 mm. Compare that to 35mm which is 22 mm x 16 mm. That is 16.8 mm square compared to 352 mm square. That means a 35 mm frame of film contains 20 times the area. This means that the 8mm film will always suck no matter what you do.
If I read his post correctly, looks like he has no issue with the DVD conversion quality. He wanted to edit the content of the DVD or the digital version of the 25 movies of 8mm and was given a .mov format. His PC comes with Windows media player to playback the wmv format. His only complain is the rendering time and streaming the .mov to .wmv on the PC ...."output video plays poorly in Windows Media Player" not from his DVD player.
If you install quicktime WMM might be able to open/edit the files (depends on what drivers QT installs).

I'd recommend installing a codec pack: http://www.codecguide.com/download_kl.htm

These tend to include every format out there and it might allow WMM to open/edit the files directly.
A Google search on mov file editor shows a number of programs that can edit mov files.  I believe the one from avs4you.com is popular but you should check the reviews too.

The suggestion to try additional codecs is good too.  I use the K-Lite codec pack, a Google search will show you where to get it.
Ned said:
The suggestion to try additional codecs is good too.  I use the K-Lite codec pack, a Google search will show you where to get it.
The link I posted is K-Lite ;-)
Oh yeah, and as far as editing programs... I think you're probably well served by the windows movie maker.  I've heard good things about Premiere Elements, not sure what it costs though.
MOV is not a supported editing format for Window Movie Maker, and transcode is necessary. I was in same situation before I reach for Pavtube Video Converter, it comes as the perfect partner for putting MOV videos to Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker for editing or burning directly. Pavtube Video Converter would convert MOV to WMV, and merge videos into one big file for editing. 
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